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The family of a Missouri woman fears for her safety after finding alarming videos and a picture of a stranger taken from the grandmother’s phone inside her home, CNN affiliate KMOV reported Friday.

Valerie Wallace found a handful of seconds-long videos on her 84-year-old grandmother’s cellphone and immediately asked if she knew who the man was.

A man is scene in a cellphone image taken inside a woman's home in Missouri. (Credit: KMOV/CNN)
A man is seen in a cellphone image taken inside a woman’s home in Missouri. (Credit: KMOV/CNN)

“I was like, ‘Grandma do you know anything about him?’,” said Wallace, “and she’s just like ‘No, I don’t know him, I don’t recognize him, the neighbors don’t know him, the maintenance man has never seen him, nobody knows anything about him.”

Wallace said the dates on the videos were from three separate occasions and times varying from 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

She found one picture taken of her grandmother inside her room as she slept.

The grandmother kept her cell phone on a table next to her bed.

“She’s definitely scared, confused,” Wallace said of her grandmother.

Wallace said her grandmother reported the incident to Festus Police.

She thinks the man may have gotten in through her grandmother’s sliding glass door, which was having issues at the time.

She’s since had it repaired and he hasn’t been back since.

However, Wallace is concerned that until the man is caught, he could go back.

“I’m concerned about my grandma’s well-being,” she said. “I mean who knows what this guy could do? And how many other houses has he done this to? How many other people has he done this to?”