Florida Mom Celebrates Kids’ 1st Day of School With Solo Trip to Disney World

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A Florida mother treated herself to a celebratory trip to Walt Disney World after dropping her children off for their first day back at school.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner told WOFL in Orlando she thought about just going home to take care of some laundry after dropping her boys off, “but I was like, you know what? I’m taking a moment and I’m going to take a walk in Magic Kingdom.”

Glassner said her family has Disney passes and they live about a mile from the theme parks, so it’s “not that crazy” that she popped in to take a stroll through Disney World.

Once inside, Glassner decided to document her adventure by posing with a pin that read, “I’m celebrating: 1st day of school!” From a visit with Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother to a stroll down main street, photos show a smiling Glassner delighting in her child-free detour.

She told Good Morning America that her favorite part of the day was the Fairy Godmother’s reaction.

“Hands down,” Glassner said. “She was laughing so hard she was crying and we just started hugging and laughing together.”

As for the children, ages 6 and 8, Glassner said they found out later that night and “got a kick out of it.”

The mother of two, a former lawyer with a Harvard degree, told WOFL she decided to walk away from an unfulfilling job with a major firm to start a new life in Florida.

“Now we live just north of Magic Kingdom and it’s home,” she said.

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