More than 900 Dairy Queen customers pay for each other’s meals at Minnesota drive-thru


One customer’s decision to pay it forward at a Minnesota drive-thru led to a heartwarming show of kindness spanning multiple days and involving over 900 strangers.

It started with a Dairy Queen customer in Brainerd, a small city located roughly 100 miles north of Minneapoli, paying for the car behind him in the drive-thru.

That customer paid it forward and the chain of giving continued for days, with hundreds paying for strangers’ meals.

“Not sure if its the sun shining, or the Christmas Spirit is already here… But it started with one and we are now at about 48 cars that have paid it forward! Lets keep this caring train going,” the Dairy Queen Grill & Chill wrote on Facebook on Dec. 3.

“We started asking and encouraging saying it’s been 5 cars, 15 cars, 30 cars and people getting excited. We closed Thursday night with money still on the board,” assistant manager Sandra Quam told WCCO.

More than 275 people had paid it forward that night without one drive-thru customer breaking the chain.

By Wednesday, more than 900 cars had participated, raking in $10,000 in sales, Dairy Queen store manager Tina Jensen told CNN.

In response to the news coverage, the restaurant posted this heartfelt message Wednesday:

“Wow.. It’s hard for us to come up with the right words to say. THIS is what we stand for, THIS is Dairy Queen. “To Create Positive Memories For ALL Who Touch DQ.” and that’s exactly what you have done. You brought smiles and maybe even a little tears to our whole Crew and we’re sure to you as well. This is a great act of Humanity, this is what the world needs a little more of. Whether it be to make someone’s day, the Holiday Spirit or to just feel like a kid again. Thank You Fans for letting as serve you one red spoon at a time! Keep the positivity going, spread the love!

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