New Religious Freedom Law in Indiana Prompts Hashtag #Boycottindiana on Social Media

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Indiana conservatives watched their brethren in state after state approve legislation that, supporters said, was crafted to ensure the religious rights of their citizens. Kansas in 2013, Mississippi in April, and, on Friday, Arkansas.

It is a mystery, then, to many here that a new hashtag has popped up: #boycottindiana.

Criticism of new Indiana legislation as discriminatory against gays and lesbians erupted this weekend in a torrent of canceled construction, stalled convention plans and the specter of business leaving the state.

Social media focused its ire on the Indiana Statehouse after Gov. Mike Pence signed into law far-reaching freedoms for religious beliefs, protecting those whose beliefs forbid them from serving same-sex couples. It became the 20th state to pass such legislation and, for some reason, the first one with a target painted on its back for doing so.

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