NY Police Handcuff 7-year-old Boy for Hours

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NEW YORK (WPIX) — New York police are taking some heat for handcuffing a seven-year-old boy for several hours.

A bombshell six-page Notice of Claim was filed on Monday by Wilson Reyes and his mother, Frances, seeking $250 million dollars for what they say was verbal, physical, and emotional abuse — amid a laundry list of other allegations.

So, why was the 7-year-old in cuffs? Officials and cops believed he was a thief, according to the lawsuit.

Reyes allegedly punched another kid in the face and robbed him of $5 a few days before the December 4 arrest.

boy-cuffsOnce implicated, he was pulled out of his third-grade class room and allegedly falsely imprisoned for 10 hours in cuffs at school and the 44th precinct.

He was even charged as an adult and provided with an appearance ticket. Ultimately, no charges were filed.

On Wednesday, KTLA’s sister station WPIX went to the boy’s house where his mother said that “she couldn’t comment,” but added that her son was “doing fine, thank you.”

Reyes reportedly continues to attend school and maintain a normal schedule. The lawsuit states that he suffered multiple bodily and psychological injuries.

“Mami, Mami, Mami…” said Wanda Matos as she recreated the boys reaction when he finally was able to speak with his mother.

Aside from being friends with Reyes’ mother, she also picks him up at school and looks after him daily.

Matos was adamant that the Reyes has never had any kind of issues in the past and his arrest was a complete “abuso,” — Spanish for abuse.

The Notice of Claim serves as essentially a warning to the City and the NYPD that a $250-billion dollar lawsuit may be on the horizon.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne issued the following statement to WPIX:

“While the lawyer’s claims are grossly untrue in many respects, including fabrication as to how long the child was held, the matter is nonetheless being reviewed by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau.”

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