Philadelphia Plans Intense Security for Pope Francis’ Visit

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There are papal pendants. There are life-size papal cardboard cutouts. There are papal mugs, ideal for drinking your specially brewed papal beer.

There is even a papal toaster, which will sear the image of the smiling, waving Pope Francis onto your sliced bread.

But heaven forbid you try to find a taxi when Francis visits Philadelphia, where the security ramifications of his arrival later this month are becoming clear.

Francis also will visit Washington, D.C., and New York City on his U.S. tour, which begins Sept. 22 and ends Sept. 27, but those cities are accustomed to playing host to high-profile visitors in need of extraordinary security. In fact, at the same time the pontiff is in New York, more than 160 world leaders and their delegations will be there for the annual United Nations General Assembly gathering.

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Southern Californians wishing to attend the Pope’s address before a joint session of Congress can enter a ticket lottery offered by Congressman Ted Lieu of Los Angeles.

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