Photo Showing Mystery Creature Along Arizona Highway Goes Viral After ‘Sasquatch’ Facebook Post


The Arizona Department of Transportation posted these photos to its Facebook page on Jan. 1, 2015, asking users if the creatures in the photo on the right were sasquatches.

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A mysterious photo that captured what appeared to a pack of some type of large animal along a highway went viral after the Arizona Department of Transportation posted the image to its Facebook page.

It was unclear what exactly the camera had caught, but in a light-hearted Facebook post, the agency suggested it was a family of sasquatches, then asked users what they thought.

We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon. What do you think?“ the post dated Jan. 1 read.

By Tuesday morning, the pictures has been shared more than 3,900 times and had garnered more than a thousand responses. It also prompted some debate between Bigfoot believers and non-believers.

Several theories were floated and speculation ensued over what other type of creature it could be. One person, tongue-in-cheek, suggested it was actually Chewbacca from Star Wars and a family of wookies.

Some users responded with photos depicting Bigfoot on the loch ness monster, while another showed the creature on a unicorn.

At least one poster noted that the highway camera showed the same mysterious object for several days.

Eventually, a department spokesman responded and clarified the post was meant to be humorous.

“We always try to have a little fun with our Facebook and Twitter feeds,” Tim Tait told ABC News. “That way, we don’t just post news about crashes and road conditions, but a little something to engage our audience in different ways. This posting was one of those efforts – something that caught our attention, and we thought it might make some people chuckle.”

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