Plans for SAT at-home tests suspended since some students may not have access

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SAT tests may not be available this fall to all students who want to take the college admissions exam as the coronavirus crisis has limited the availability of testing sites and efforts to develop an at-home exam have run into roadblocks, the College Board announced Tuesday.

The testing organization is calling on universities and colleges to take these circumstances into account and extend deadlines for test score submissions. The testing company is asking college admissions officers to equally evaluate students who were unable to take the test with those who can and to consider that many students will not be able to take the exam more than once, which often yields higher scores.

The next SAT test is scheduled for August, but those seats already are rapidly filling up. Testing officials said they will offer an exam administration every month after that, including January 2021 if there is demand for it.

“We know demand is very high and the registration process for students and families under this kind of pressure is extremely stressful,” College Board CEO David Coleman said in a statement. “There are more important things than tests right now. In making these difficult decisions, we focused on reducing the anxiety that students and families are experiencing this year. We therefore are asking our member colleges to be flexible toward students who can’t submit scores, who submit them later, or who did not have a chance to test more than once.”

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