Poll: Clear Majority Support Legalizing Marijuana for the First Time

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More Americans think that marijuana should be legalized than those who want it kept illegal, according to a new poll.

Federal enforcement of marijuana laws in the so-called “War on Drugs” has declined under the Obama administration. (Credit: Ted Rowlands/CNN)

According to the Gallup poll, 58% say that pot should be legalized, the first time in Gallup polling that a clear majority favor the move. Thirty-nine percent oppose legalization.

The 58% in favor of legalization is far removed from the 12% who said the same thing when Gallup first started asking in 1969, and it’s up 10 percentage points since last November. The increase comes after a slight dip from when those supporting legalization first hit half the survey population, 50%, in 2011.

The survey attributes much of the pro-marijuana momentum to public referendums last year in Colorado and Washington state that made pot legal. Among those surveyed, 38% admitted to having tried the drug themselves.

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