People hoping to connect with their loved ones who live or recently visited Hawaii can turn to the Red Cross for help.

Hawaii’s Red Cross branch encourages people to call 1-800 Red Cross (1-800-733-2767) and select option 4 to receive assistance in locating a potentially missing family member or friend, according to its website.

Callers should follow the voice prompts and provide as much detail as possible to assist Red Cross agents so they can help you locate your loved one.

Here are some additional tips for connecting to loved ones through Red Cross, according to the organization.

  • Call during off-peak hours for the best chance of getting through.
  • Send a text message, which may go through when phone calls can’t.
  • Check your loved one’s social media pages, as they may have already gone online to tell their story.
  • Send an email
  • Call friends and relatives who may have already been in contact with your loved one.
  • Call people and places where your loved one is well-known, neighbors, employers, schools, places of worship, senior center, social club centers, unions, or fraternal organizations.
  • Try sending a letter. Your loved one’s mail may get mail forwarded to their new location.

More tips can be found here.

The fast-moving wildfire spread across the island of Maui and has burned at least one historic town to the ground, according to the Washington Post. The wildfire has killed at least 36 people and left hundreds of buildings and homes damaged or completely destroyed.

People can also donate to various charities to help wildfire victims.