‘Sad Papaw’ to Host Cookout in Oklahoma, Announces Open Invitation to ‘Everyone’

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Hearts all across the Internet broke last week after Kelsey Harmon tweeted a photo of her grandfather, who was disappointed that only one of his six grandchildren showed up for a dinner he had prepared.

Now, that same grandpa is throwing a cookout and everyone is invited.

Harmon tweeted the photo of her grandpa Wednesday night and said, “Dinner with papaw tonight…he made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I’m the only one who showed. (crying emoji) love him.”


Within 24 hours the tweet was retweeted more than 70,000 times. Most people said the tweet made them miss their own grandparents.


One of “papaw’s” other grandchildren, Brock Harmon, announced on Twitter Friday that his grandpa has decided to invite everyone to a cookout on March 26.

The cookout will be at a flea market the Harmon family owns in Purcell, Oklahoma. Burgers will cost $2 and the family will sell T-shirts that say, “I had a burger with Papaw” for $25.

Brock Harmon told BuzzFeed that they aren’t sure how many people will actually show up, but people from all over the country have contacted them to say they are coming.

All proceeds from the cookout will go to “papaw,” Brock Harmon told BuzzFeed, adding that “what he decides to do with them is his business.” Several news outlets previously reported that the money would go to his grandkids’ college educations and charities.

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