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Taco Bell fans will soon have to say goodbye to a fan-favorite item.

The fast-food company announced Thursday that the Quesarito will be removed from its menus nationwide on April 19. Fans still have over a month to order the Quesarito online or on the Taco Bell app before its departure.

Taco Bell Quesarito
The fast-food company announced Thursday that the Quesarito would be removed from the menus nationwide on April 19. (Taco Bell)

The Quesarito, a burrito wrapped into a quesadilla, debuted in 2014 and was a success among customers, The Takeout reported.

Even though Taco Bell is saying goodbye to the Quesarito, it’s saying hello to two other classic menu items, the Bacon Club Chalupa and the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito.

  • Taco Bell Chalupa
  • Taco Bell burrito

Both items returned to Taco Bell menus for a limited time on Thursday. The Bacon Club Chalupa was last seen on the menu two years ago, according to the Taco Bell Wiki Page.

Taco Bell also announced a unique twist to its Blue Raspberry or Wild Cherry Freezes.

For a limited time, guests can order either of the two freezes with an additional burst of pineapple, mango, passionfruit, or lime flavor, a news release said.

The original version of the drinks will also be available.