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Target announced this week that it will drop its mask requirement for shoppers and employees inside stores, The Hill reports.

The company updated its website on Monday to reflect the change, saying that customers and staff will only be asked to wear masks in order to adhere to local regulations.

“As COVID-19 cases continue to decline across the country, Target will not require our U.S. team members or guests to wear masks, as local regulations allow,” Target’s website states. “We’ll follow all state and local COVID-19 safety regulations and encourage our team members and guests to consult the latest public health guidance, get vaccinated and make decisions to keep themselves and their families safe.

The company also said in a statement to NBC News that it will continue to enforce other safety protocols in stores, including regular disinfection.

“We’ll also continue to provide our team with resources and benefits they need, including free medical-grade masks, COVID-19 tests, paid leave for team members with positive COVID-19 cases, and paid time and free Lyft rides to reduce barriers for team members to get their vaccines,” Target said in the statement.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently recommends that people wear masks indoors in parts of the country where transmission rates are high, but the agency said it is looking to update its guidelines in the coming weeks.