Tennessee Man Allegedly Killed, Dismembered Parents After Coming Home For Thanksgiving

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Authorities say a 28-year-old man home for Thanksgiving in West Knox County, Tennessee, killed his parents, then tried to dissolve their bodies in an “acid-based solution” of bleach and sewer cleaners, according to multiple reports this week.

The crime scene was discovered inside a home on Monday—at least two days after the killings—following concern from the couple’s employer and family, the Kingsport Times-News reported.

“It would be described as horrific, a very gruesome crime scene,” Michael MacLean, a major with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, told the Knoxville News Sentinel.

“Both suffered multiple, vicious stab wounds as well as dismemberment,” MacLean told WBIR. The couple may have been tortured first, and their remains were spread around the house for unexplained reasons.

The couple’s son, Joel Guy Jr., was arrested outside his Louisiana apartment on charges of first-degree murder on Tuesday. A motive hasn’t been provided, but Guy was unemployed and his parents planned to talk to him about cutting off his financial support while he was home, according to authorities.

Family members told the Times News that Guy had been in college for nine years, studying to become a plastic surgeon, and his parents had been supporting him the whole time. But they had recently sold their house and were getting ready to retire.

Guy’s three sisters said everything appeared normal during Thanksgiving dinner, and Guy has no prior criminal history, WBIR reported.

“It’s one thing to stab someone, but to do everything that he did, to dismember his parents’ bodies?” Guy’s aunt told the Times News.

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