One of America’s most popular fast-food chains is also its favorite, according to new results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Chick-fil-A has again topped the ACSI’s index list for the ninth consecutive year. The ratings were based on benchmarks including the accuracy of food order, variety of food on the menu and food quality, along with others.

Jimmy John’s took the second spot, while an aggregate category of smaller companies, like In-N-Out, rounded out the top three. Mega fast-food corporations like McDonald’s and Taco Bell ranked low, earning the 23rd and 24th spots, respectively.

Here is where other popular fast-food eateries ranked on the list:

4th: KFC

5th: Papa Johns

6th: Domino’s

7th: Five Guys

8th: Pizza Hut

9th: Starbucks

10th: Arby’s

11th: Dunkin’

12th: Panda Express

13th: Burger King

14th: Panera Bread

15th: Chipotle

16th: Dairy Queen

17th: Subway

18th: Little Caesars

19th: Popeyes

20th” Wendy’s

21st: Jack in the Box

22nd: Sonic

23rd: Taco Bell

24th: McDonald’s

The organization also studied customer satisfaction for full-service restaurants. Outback Steakhouse, Cracker Barrel and Longhorn Steakhouse rounded out the top three for that portion of the report.

Outback Steakhouse was considered to be America’s favorite full-service restaurant, according to the report.