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With the COVID-19 pandemic further stifling the efforts of California and other states to issue Real ID licenses, President Trump on Monday said he will extend the Oct. 1 deadline for people to have the identification cards to board domestic flights in the United States.

Trump made the announcement during a news briefing on the nation’s response to the virus, as the number of confirmed cases across the U.S. now stands at more than 33,000. The resulting public health anxiety has left many Californians unwilling to visit local branches of the Department of Motor Vehicles offices for fear of being infected.

“I’m also announcing that we’re postponing the deadline with Real ID requirements,” Trump said after making other comments during the White House event. “We will be announcing the new deadline very soon.”

The president, who offered no additional details, seemed to acknowledge the challenge with asking people to visit their local DMV “at a time that we’re asking Americans to maintain social distancing.”

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