iOS 17 is here and it brings new features to various iPhone models starting with the iPhone XR.

Here are some things to try once you install the free update!

Multiple Timers

Yes, you can finally set multiple timers and label each one!

To try it, open Clock and tap Timers. Set one Timer, then add another! Truly revolutionary.

Contact Posters

iPhone has a new Caller ID system all of it’s own called Contact Posters. Basically, when you call someone else’s phone, your photo and name can pop up on their screen.

You can customize how this looks by setting it up on your phone.

Go to Contacts and tap My Card at the top. Next, hit Contact Photo & Poster and tap Edit.

Keep in mind you probably want to update your contact photo if it’s been a while since it will now be shown full screen on people’s phones. If you have an old, small photo it might show up all stretched out and pixelated.

Check In

How many times have you told a friend “I’ll text you when I get home,” only to forget to do it.

iOS 17 can now automatically text a friend when you arrive safely to your destination.

To set it up, open Messages and press the + button to the left of the message input box.

Now, tap Check In (you might have to scroll through the list).

After an initial setup, you can now use this incredibly handy feature.

Pro Tip: If you think you’re going to use Check In a lot, you can tap and drag it to the top of the list of message options.

FaceTime reactions

When you’re in a FaceTime video call, you can now react with on screen fun.

Press and hold your image to send balloons, confetti, fireworks and more.

You can also use hand gestures to accomplish the same thing. Try a Thumbs Up, a peace sign for balloons or two peace signs for confetti.

StandBy Mode

A new StandBy Mode shows you helpful information like the clock or weather while your phone is on its side charging. It can be charging wirelessly or wired.

Swipe the screen to see the different views, or press and hold on a view to customize it.

iPhone 14 and 15 Pro will show StandBy all the time, while other models will need a tap on the screen or motion at night to show the info.

Pro Tip: The HiRise 3 Deluxe is a great accessory for this feature, especially since it lets you adjust the viewing angle of your phone while it’s charging.

Name Drop

Forget business cards! You can now exchange contact info with someone just by bringing the top ends of your iPhones together. Just unlock your phone and bring it near another iPhone to start the process. Don’t worry, you get to choose what info is sent if you have multiple phone numbers or email addresses, so you can use it in various situations.

This feature is coming later this year to Apple Watch, too.

Siri, Read this!

Don’t feel like reading an article on the web?

Just say, “Siri, Read this!” and Siri will start reading the page out loud.

Also, did you notice? One big change in iOS 17 is that you no longer need to say “Hey, Siri,” but just Siri.

You can also tap the Aa icon in the URL on a Safari web page to bring up the play button and listening controls.

Crop a photo fast

Cropping a photo in iOS 17 is now as easy as zooming in.

Just look for the new Crop button in the upper right hand corner after you pinch to zoom in on a pic.

If you want to save in a specific aspect ratio, you can tap and hold the Crop button to choose from square, 16×9 and more.

State of mind reflection

There is a really neat new health and wellness feature in iOS 17 that lets you log your mental state. You can log your mood in the moment, or how you felt all day long. Plus, you can add explainers or notes to remember why you felt that way. After a while, you can start to see some patterns about what makes you feel a certain way.

To find it, open the Health App and tap Browse. Then choose Mental Wellbeing to set it up.

There you have it, just a few of the new iOS 17 features. Follow me on Instagram and check my Stories as I’ll be posting more of what I find there!