Video shows deer smashing through school bus windshield, landing on student in Virginia


Dramatic surveillance video captured the moment a deer crashed through the windshield of a school bus and landed on a student before scurrying out of the bus in Virginia Thursday morning.

The school bus was making its way north on Route 13 in Powhatan County around 6 a.m. when the deer suddenly busted through the windshield, KTLA sister station WRIC in Virginia reported.

The deer landed in one of the front seats of the bus on top of a student who was crouched down. The animal then rolled over into the aisle and tried to find its footing, video showed.

The bus driver then stopped the bus and opened the doors to let the frightened animal escape.

The deer wasted no time bolting out of the bus, leaving the driver and students in shock.

“Did it land on you?” a student off camera is heard asking the boy in the front seat.

“Yes,” the student in a gray hoodie replies, causing the other students to laugh in disbelief. “I was trying to sleep,” he added.

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