‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Walks Off Set, Teases Contestants During Episode; Video Goes Viral

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Keep giving Pat Sajak answers involving a horse, and he is bound to say neigh.

The “Wheel of Fortune” host couldn’t take it anymore when some contestants answered a puzzle wrong using the word “horse.” And it was hilarious.

The action happened during Monday night’s Best Friends Week episode, which was filmed in Hawaii. The category was “What are you doing,” and with only the letter “N” turned up in the four-word phrase, one of the contestants yelled out, “riding a brown horse!”

“That’s amazing, and it’s wrong,” Sajak, 68, responded.

Another contestant correctly guessed that the puzzle included the letter “G” but incorrectly guessed the phrase to be “riding a white horse.” Sajak shook his head and walked off the set, much to the amusement of the audience and contestant.

He quickly returned before yelling, “Who said anything about a horse?!?!”

After more than 30 years hosting the popular game show, Sajak has seen many people tripped up by pronunciation (remember the student who had the entire puzzle solved and mispronounced “Achilles”?) and those who were just slightly off (like the contestant who went with “elevator train platform” instead of “elevated train platform”).

We wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to head out to pasture.

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