Woman charged after allegedly punching mom on flight over kids’ seat kicking


A woman was charged with assault after allegedly punching a fellow passenger aboard a Spirit Airlines flight that landed in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday.

Daydrena Jaslin Walker-Williams is seen in an undated photo. (MSCO)

Court documents say 29-year-old Daydrena Jaslin Walker-Williams became annoyed with passengers sitting behind her – a mother and two children – when the kids, ages 3 and 7, kicked her seat. She later said that she told the mother to keep her kids from kicking but was ignored, according to investigators.

She claims the mother then hit her on the shoulder; however, officials said no witnesses saw this. Walker-Williams then admitted to punching the mother two or three times in the face.

The victim had a bloodied lip and a bump on her head, the responding officer reported in the court documents.

Spirit Airlines flight attendants also reported witnessing the assault and said the victim did not fight back and they didn’t see her hitting the defendant in the shoulder.

When the officer told the defendant that no one saw the victim hit her, she replied, “You do what you got to do.”

Walker-Williams is charged with felony assault in the fourth degree and harassment.

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