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A Dallas woman who found an unopened World War II love letter has finally given in to her curiosity — and opened it.

The letter, yellowed with age and dated May 26, 1945, was recently found unopened inside a book purchased by Sheila Polk at a thrift store in Florida. (Credit:KSBTV)

What she found inside was a quaint reminder of a bygone era, a time before lovers pitched woo via text and e-mails. “I was sure glad I got to see you that morning at church,” read the note from a serviceman to a gal who had seemingly caught his eye. It was written on stationery embossed with the phrase “Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me.”

Sheila Polk is hoping to deliver the letter, dated 1945, to relatives of the couple, as they have both since passed away. Still unclear is whether the couple ever reconnected after that letter was mailed.

Here’s the backstory. Polk told news reporters she was in a thrift store in Florida last month when she picked up a book about World War II. Tucked inside the back pages she found an envelope — unopened and yellowed with age.

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