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While it’s common knowledge that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, it’s unlikely that anyone — except residents of the North Pole — has seen his actual house.

Zillow, the real estate company, is pulling back the curtain on Saint Nick’s residence and is giving viewers a glimpse into his home.

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  • Santa's Home: Elf Village

The company shared that Father Christmas lives on a $1.15 million estate at the North Pole, complete with a state-of-the-art toy-making facility, a community of homes for the elves, and plenty of room for his famous reindeer.

The entire property spans 25 acres and was initially built in 1822. Zillow stated that the property was renovated in 2013 to include modern amenities like a gourmet kitchen, an oven with 12 different cookie-baking settings, and hot chocolate tap.

Since the North Pole isn’t easily accessible, children can take a virtual residence tour.

In 2016, when Mr. and Mrs. Claus claimed the home on Zillow, more than 3 million people searched for the property on the real estate website. The influx of online traffic made the Claus residence one of the most viewed properties on Zillow’s website, a news release said.

First valued at $650,000, the property has increased nearly 77% over the past six years and 12% within the last year.

Like other homeowners across the U.S., Santa experienced a significant increase in the home’s equity.