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(NEXSTAR) — Have you noticed any unusual appearances — or disappearances — in your Apple Music application? You may be among some other users who say phantom playlists that don’t belong to them are showing up in their libraries.

Alternatively, some users say their own playlists (and saved songs) have disappeared completely. According to various Reddit threads, the phenomenon has been reported before and there doesn’t appear to be a clear fix. Technology outlet The Verge and Apple news site 9to5Mac both note that the issue only seems to affect the Apple Music app on iOS (desktop).

Nexstar reached out to Apple for comment and/or any possible guidance for users who may encounter this issue.

“Found this random song uploaded to my library,” one Reddit user explains in a thread. “I didn’t add this.” One reply offered consolation that while at least the song that was reportedly added was a “banger,” they had “zero clue what’s going on, but I assume that Apple Music iOS is glitching out.”

As some Redditors have recommended to others, turning off iCloud syncing and then turning it back off may stop the issue from recurring. It’s currently unknown whether the reported issue is tied to iCloud services directly, however.

As Forbes reports, late last year some iCloud users reported a similar issue in their iCloud accounts — users reported finding corrupted videos and photos of strangers from unknown sources in their own albums. The issue later appeared to be resolved, however.

While the swapping of playlists and vanishing of saved songs may seem small, some online have pointed out potential security questions the reported bug could raise.

“I mean, I’d call it a kinda ‘priority one most serious possible’ bug,” one user said.