Angela White, the reality television star known as Blac Chyna, is sharing her journey on how she found religion, and as a result, possibly saved her own life by removing silicone and fillers from her body.

“I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I knew that I wasn’t living my life right, so I had to make a change,” she said Thursday on “CUOMO” about her life transformation.

The changes come a year after White was baptized, which she shared in an Instagram post a couple of weeks ago. It prompted her to quit the adult site OnlyFans and reverse years of cosmetic procedures.

The former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian also recently received a doctorate degree from a Bible college.

“I was getting so much money, I was getting this, I was doing this … and doing that, but then I would always run into some issues or problems or drama or a lawsuit or false allegations and things like that,” she said of her past struggles. “So, I just really had to go into solitude and figure out what is it that’s causing all of this.”

She emerged from that solitude with a newfound perspective on life and a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

“When you’re making fast money, you’re getting recognized by everybody, you’re not going to be praying as faithfully as you was before, so that was the biggest thing for me,” she said. “I just really wanted to really focus on my kids and focus on, like, really, who I am.”

Once featured on the hit show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and later her own spinoff, “Rob & Chyna” with Rob Kardashian, White sued four members of the Kardashian family last year for defamation. She alleged they spread false stories of abuse about her.

She began getting cosmetic treatments around the age of 19 with illegal butt lift injections. After that came lip fillers and breast augmentations.

Looking back on it, she says she was seeking an unattainable beauty standard.

“I (was) just trying to basically alter my body to this perfect image that doesn’t even really exist,” she said.

Dr. Doris Day, a board-certified dermatologist, explained during an appearance on “CUOMO” the dangers of illegal silicone injections.

“She really is going to have a powerful voice in helping young people understand that you need to be thoughtful about what you have done and who does it,” Day said. “There are medical-grade silicones that are FDA approved … but the types of injections that she had in the butt were illegal, done in somebody’s home, and she’s lucky … that she didn’t have a really bad infection or necrosis or loss of skin.”

“I want people to be really cautious,” White added. “It’s really not worth it, and I got really honestly lucky.”

Now, she feels “way, way way way more beautiful.”

“I feel lighter, I feel happier, I feel more confident. More confident than ever.”

Looking ahead, White announced Wednesday that she will be playing the character Nisi in the play “B.A.P.S.” that opens in May.