Remember MoviePass? The discount movie-ticket service, which collapsed in 2019 after promising to revolutionize the entertainment industry, is being rebooted.

Stacy Spikes, co-founder of the company, bought MoviePass out of bankruptcy in November. He says he plans to have it up and running again “on or around Sept. 5.”

A waitlist for the beta version of the app will be open on Thursday, according to the website.

The company says there will be three pricing tiers — $10, $20 and $30. Each tier will provide credits to attend movies each month.

The rebooted MoviePass has yet to reveal how many credits you’ll receive for each tier.

That’s the trick, though.

When MoviePass debuted in 2017, it promised to make moviegoing more affordable by effectively creating a subscription plan to underwrite the cost of tickets.

The pitch to consumers was that if you paid $10 monthly, you could see a movie a day. Roughly 3 million people signed up for the service.

But the MoviePass business model was little more than wishful thinking. The company rapidly burned through cash paying for people’s tickets and failing to leverage that into reliable revenue streams.

Spikes was pushed out of the company in 2018 after selling MoviePass to a now-defunct analytics firm called Helios and Matheson.

He said at a business conference in February that “a lot of people lost money, a lot of people lost trust” when MoviePass went belly up the first time around.

This time, somehow, things will be different — despite ticket sales being down 30% from pre-pandemic levels.

And despite theater chain Regal Cinemas being on the verge of bankruptcy and rival AMC facing similar financial headwinds.

And despite some theaters now having their own subscription programs.

And despite the rise of streaming video as a popular home-entertainment option.

So good luck with all that, MoviePass. It will be interesting to see how things are different this time around.