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Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who was selected as trustee of the pop superstar’s multimillion-dollar estate two years ago, is now seeking more control over the performer’s fortune amid an increasingly heated struggle over a complicated conservatorship.

In a court filing last week, Jamie Lynn Spears, a 29-year-old former Nickelodeon star, revealed that she was the trustee of the estate and asked that all the assets of the SJB Revocable Trust be moved into one or more accounts with Fidelity Brokerage Services with her as the custodian.

If approved, the move would put Britney Spears’ financial assets into those accounts and require a judge’s approval to remove them. The singer established the trust in 2004 to protect her children’s future. A 2018 amendment said that upon her death, the trustee — Jamie Lynn Spears — would administer the family’s assets for her children. Jamie Lynn Spears signed the document last week in Hammond, La.

The filing doesn’t explain what role it could play in the ongoing battle over the singer’s protracted conservatorship case — known in other states as a legal guardianship. That conservatorship was extended to 2021 even after the singer’s attorney told the court this month that she is “strongly opposed” to her father remaining the sole conservator of her personal and financial well-being.

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