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A Biden initiative expected to pour up to $3 trillion into repairing America’s decrepit infrastructure and funding other programs has sparked a scramble across the nation for the federal funds — with California expecting to reap the biggest piece.

The potential federal bounty opens the door to a list of ambitious projects: electrifying the Burbank-to-Anaheim passenger rail system, straightening the Los Angeles-to-San Diego rail line to cut travel time, and building a 1.3-mile tunnel to extend a passenger line to downtown San Francisco.

The exact size of the infrastructure plan is still in flux, but sources knowledgeable about the discussion put it at up to $2 trillion, with another $1 trillion aimed at jobs, education and other goals, a set of proposals that Biden would receive from advisors this week. Whether such a massive package can get through Congress is uncertain at best.

Biden’s plan is meant to provide enough money to not just repair crumbling infrastructure, but transform transportation in America, said Rep. John Garamendi, a northern California Democrat who is a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

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