Beginning Thursday, CVS will lower the price of its store-branded menstrual products nationwide by 25%.

The move — which affects the company’s CVS Health and Live Better tampons, menstrual pads, liners and cups — is intended to address criticism across the retail spectrum that such products are frequently priced and taxed not as necessities but as luxuries.

CVS last week also began paying sales taxes for customers on period products in 12 states –Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

California isn’t on the list because of a state law that blocks third parties from paying taxes on a customer’s behalf.

Retailers have caught flack for pricing women’s personal health goods higher than similar products for men.

This disparity is known as the “pink tax” or “tampon tax.”

Tampon prices increased by 12.2% for the year ending Oct. 2, according to market researcher IRI.

A quarter of women had difficulty affording period supplies over the last year, according to the Alliance for Period Supplies.