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Donald Trump declined to disavow David Duke and the Klu Klux Klan in an interview over the weekend because of a “lousy earpiece,” the GOP presidential front-runner said Monday.

Trump was asked on Sunday on CNN about his support from white supremacists, including Duke, and he responded that he didn’t know anything about Duke, a former KKK grand wizard, and refused to denounce groups he didn’t know anything about. But on Monday he blamed the answer on an inability to clearly hear CNN host Jake Tapper’s questions.

“What I heard was ‘various groups,’” Trump clarified on NBC’s “Today.” He ignored questions about why he didn’t answer Tapper directly about Duke, repeating only that he didn’t want to lump in unnamed other groups that he believed he’d been asked about.

“I don’t mind disavowing anybody, I disavowed David Duke,” he said, pointing to his condemnations posted on social media after Sunday’s exchange on CNN.

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