The classic Haribo gummy bears have been around for over 100 years, but one of the flavors still has fans shocked.

That flavor is the green gummy of the pack.

A social media post recently resurfaced on Reddit showing the different flavors and many were taken aback when they learned that the green flavor wasn’t what they thought it was.

Due to the green hue, many assumed the flavor was either a green apple, lime, or even watermelon.

It turns out the flavor is actually strawberry.

The conversation has sent Twitter ablaze with one user wanting to call the authorities.

“Calling the police over whether the green Haribo gummy bears are strawberry or apple,” the person jokingly tweeted.

Another person had a moment as they came to terms with the truth.

“20 years of living and it’s only now that I figured out that the green Haribo gummy bear is actually strawberry flavored,” another one said.

“Am I the only one who didn’t know that the green Haribo gummy bear is strawberry flavored and not lime?!” one person asked.

However, one person touted their candy expertise for always knowing the flavor.

“Y’all wildn’ if you didn’t know the green Haribo gummy bear was Strawberry. #candyconnoisseur,” the consumer tweeted.