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A man was arrested after a woman allegedly saw him raping a 3-year-old in an abandoned garage in Columbus, Ohio, and intervened to stop him, WSYX reports.

Charles Sadler, 34, was taken into custody last Friday on multiple sexual assault charges after police say he raped a girl his family was babysitting, according to the Columbus-area television station.

The woman was driving when she saw Sadler allegedly raping the child in an abandoned garage on the west side of Columbus, police told the station.

Although she spoke little English, the good Samaritan did not hesitate to call 911. She then followed him for several blocks until police were able to catch up and arrest Sadler, according to the station, which spoke to the woman.

Emergency personnel took the child to the hospital.

The suspect’s family, who was also home at the time of the alleged incident, told WSYX they thought Sadler was “passed out drunk somewhere” and did not realize he had walked away with the little girl.

They also said they are “grateful” that the woman called 911.

Sadler, who appeared before a judge Monday, is in the Franklin County Jail in lieu of a $200,000 bond.