Now you won’t have to scrounge through the racks at Goodwill stores in search of treasures and bargains.

The 120-year-old nonprofit organization has launched GoodwillFinds, an online shopping site that’s making about 100,000 donated items available for purchase.

The site will be more heavily curated than the auction service and aims to eventually feature a million items for sale.

GoodwillFinds will support Goodwill Industries International with added funds for its community-based programs nationwide.

Sales of second-hand clothing picked up during the pandemic and have remained strong amid the highest consumer prices in 40 years.

Goodwill’s expansion online is a smart move for the organization and a nifty new resource for “thrifters” who seek cool stuff amid other people’s discards.

But you’ll still have to drop off donations at Goodwill stores. As GoodwillFinds grows, online donations will eventually be added to the site.