No matter who you will root for during the big game, arguably, the true star of the Super Bowl will be the food. Plus, who can go wrong with the classic chips and dips combo?

From cheesy queso, to the multifaceted 7- layer dip, and everything in between, Super Bowl parties will be filled with different chips and dip combinations.

While everyone has their favorite chips and dip duo, newly released Google Trends data shows from the past week shows which combination reigns supreme in each state, food magazine Delish reported.

For California, bean dip took the top spot.

Super Bowl snacks
(Data source: Google Trends)

Other states, like Oregon, North Dakota, and Maine, searched for classic dips like queso. In contrast, other states, like Arizona, Georgia and West Virginia, searched for more unique options like fruit dip.

Buffalo chicken dip was the most searched recipe, earning the top spot in 13 states.

Across the U.S., the least popular dips were:

  • Dessert dip (most popular in Georgia)
  • No-bake peanut butter dip (most popular in Montana)
  • Fruit dip (most popular in West Virginia)
  • 7-layer dip (most popular in Florida)
  • Bean dip (most popular in California)