With grocery prices soaring, it should surprise no one that Halloween candy will be a whole lot costlier this year.

According to the latest inflation data, candy is roughly 13% more expensive than a year ago.

The National Retail Federation estimates that the average household will spend about $30 on sugary treats this year.

Add in holiday decorations, costumes and other expenditures, and the spending total comes closer to $100.

Overall, Halloween spending will hit $10.6 billion this year, the industry group says. That’s a 32.5% increase from the $8 billion spent in 2020.

“Halloween is an exciting time for many families, and that enthusiasm is reflected in the number of Americans who plan to celebrate the holiday this year,” federation President Matthew Shay said in a statement.

“As consumers continue to return to pre-pandemic behaviors, retailers are prepared to meet that demand and help make this holiday a fun and memorable one.”

Well, a more expensive one, in any case.