The cryptocurrency community was left in shock after discovering the untimely deaths of two young and promising crypto entrepreneurs. Seen as titans in their industry, Tiantian Kullander and Nikolai Mushegian were both found dead just weeks apart in the wake of the crypto market downturn.

Tiantian Kullander, who co-founded the multibillion crypto exchange Amber Group, died while sleeping on Nov. 23 at age 30. 

In a statement released by his representatives, Kullander is said to be, “a respected thought leader and widely recognized as a pioneer for the industry. His depth of knowledge, his willingness to collaborate and his desire to always help others benefited countless start-ups and individuals.” The statement, however, did not mention where or how Kullander passed away. His company, Amber, was reported to have less than 10% exposure to the now-disgraced and bankrupt crypto exchange, FTX. 

Kullander’s passing comes just weeks after the death of yet another young crypto millionaire. 

Nikolai Mushegian was found dead near Condado Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

It was reported by a local news outlet, El Nuevo Dia, that beach patrol retrieved the 29-year-old’s body from the ocean on Oct. 28. The report goes on to say that Mushegian died from drowning after being dragged by sea currents. 

Mushegian’s untimely death came just days after posting a paranoid and cryptic tweet claiming entities, including his ex-girlfriend, are attempting to “frame” and “torture” him to death. 

Mushegian was an early developer of MakerDAO, the largest decentralized finance protocol that facilitates lending, borrowing and savings to its users. As reported by Coindesk, Mushegian was “heralded as a prolific architect of blockchain-based decentralized financial platforms and stablecoin systems.” 

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