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A Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization is saving lives in Ukraine as Russian forces continue to attack the eastern European country, causing residents to evacuate.

The Children of War Foundation said it has deployed a critical pediatric surgery team to Ukraine, and has sent surgical supplies and other equipment to help during the crisis as Ukrainian medical staff may be unavailable.

Live from a local hospital in Lviv, KTLA’s Christina Pascucci spoke with a doctor who explains how they are helping the Ukrainian patients, such as a 9-day-old baby with a life-threatening heart condition.

“We do the same thing at home, but there are a lot of people who aren’t here or can’t be here and are forced out of their homes because of the current situation. So for those who can, it’s an honor to come,” the doctor said.

She added they are hoping to give the patients a “stepping stone” until they can get to a safer spot for treatment.

For those who wish to contribute to Children of War’s mission, visit the foundation’s website.

Christina Pascucci reports for the KTLA 5 News live from Lviv, Ukraine on March 15, 2022.