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A man suspected of killing a teenage girl on Christmas Eve, leaving her in the garage of a suburban Chicago home, was denied bail Friday.

Antonio Rosales, 32, has been charged with murder in the death of 16-year-old Desiree Robinson, from the South Side of Chicago.

Antonio Rosales is shown in a photo provided to WGN.
Antonio Rosales is shown in a photo provided to WGN.

Rosales turned himself into police three days ago, according to KTLA sister station WGN in Chicago.

He admitted to the killing and explained to authorities how he met the victim through an ad on, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. He contacted her after attending a party.

Police say Rosales invited Robinson to a home in Markham, Illinois, where she showed up with two friends.  Witnesses later told police they saw Robinson and Rosales having sex in a truck during that first meeting.

Afterward, Robinson and her friends left, but investigators say the three girls came back a short time later because Rosales wanted to have sex with her again.

The two went into a garage next to the home while Robinson’s friends fell asleep in their car.

Rosales told police a fight started after he didn’t have cash to pay her. During the altercation, prosecutors say, Rosales punched her in the face and strangled her as she tried to call for help.

Prosecutors say Rosales then used a knife to slash Robinson’s throat before locking her body in the garage. He came outside and told Robinson’s friends that she’d be out shortly, and then left.

After several hours, around 9:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, Robinson’s friends realized she hadn’t returned and asked the homeowner to open the garage, according to investigators.

Desiree Robinson is shown in a photo obtained by WGN.
Desiree Robinson is shown in a photo obtained by WGN.

They found her naked body on the ground inside, along with a bloody knife, prosecutors said.

Meanwhile, police say Rosales – who had cuts and swelling on his knuckles and blood on his pants – went to a friend’s home, then his sister’s house.

He turned himself in on Tuesday and admitted to the crime, according to court documents.

Robinson’s grandfather told WGN he had recently gained temporary custody of her and that she had begun skipping school. He believes she got caught up with the “wrong crowd,” WGN reported. He reported her missing on Dec. 13, he said.

“I’m just numb,” the girl’s mother, Yvonne Robinson, said outside court Friday.

Rosales’ prior criminal history includes robbery, assault and battery, for which he served two years in an Indiana prison, WGN reported.  He had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Massachusetts for a robbery last August.

Rosales is due back in  court Jan. 18.