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A naked man who led police on a chase while riding an ATV was arrested Sunday in Missouri, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Police in Kansas City, Missouri, said they received a call at 2:18 p.m., about a “suspicious party” without clothes driving a yellow ATV through yards.

The naked man refused to stop and fled from police on the ATV through a field, according to KTLA sister station WDAF in Kansas City. The suspect made his way to I-435 where the man began driving at a high rate of speed southbound in the northbound lanes of traffic. Officers followed in the southbound lanes in order to warn approaching traffic.

The suspect then exited off I-435 onto the 210 Highway and drove west to Searcy Creek Parkway. He then drove back east on train tracks south of the 210. From there, he approached the area of the old Sam’s Town Casino where he encountered officers waiting for him.

When he saw the officers, he struck two railway junction boxes and was thrown from the ATV. He immediately got up and tried to flee, but was taken into custody.

Jess Fishell witnessed the chase when it was on I-435, near Worlds of Fun. He was on his way home from the gun range and started recording on his cellphone.

“I noticed the guy come out of the woods on an ATV,” Fishell said. “We were on 435 heading south and he was heading south in the northbound lanes.”

Fishell recalled officers from four different agencies chasing the man, including a helicopter.

“There are state troopers, KCPD, the (Clay County) sheriff’s department and the helicopter’s up,” said Fishell in the video.

Fishell joked about the weather being nice but said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“I was staring him down like, ‘How are you so calm,’” he said. “It’s 50 degrees, you’re naked going highway speeds and calm as can be.”

At one point during the chase, Fishell said the man pulled a stunt as if he were in the movie “Dukes of Hazard.”

“All the cops come to a screeching halt and they’re all trying to turn around and go this way and that way,” said Fishell.

Fishell said he has seen high-speed chases but nothing like what he witnessed Sunday. While he agreed with some that it was comical and entertaining to watch, Fishell said the man’s behavior was reckless.

“He could’ve killed himself very easily,” said Fishell. “I hope he gets whatever help he needs.”

As of Sunday evening, Jess Fishell’s video of the unusual chase had been viewed more than 500,00 times on Facebook.