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A pregnant Missouri woman who was out playing “Pokemon Go” had to have an emergency C-section to save her baby after she says she was intentionally struck by a someone driving a van, a local television station reported Monday.

Kaitlyn Shelton was playing the augmented-reality game with her friends in Gladstone last Friday when a van sped by her group, prompting Shelton’s sister to yell at the driver, KCTV reported.

That’s when the driver put the van in reverse and ran over Shelton, knocking the 18-year-old unconscious, her friends told KCTV.

Doctors performed an emergency C-section to save Shelton’s baby.

“They had to tie me down for a while, because I wouldn’t stop freaking out,” Shelton told KCTV. “What happened to my baby? What could have happened to him if he was dead or not.”

Shelton eventually found out her baby, Joshua Miles Shelton, was born healthy and was going to be OK.

“I want the person to be caught for everyone else. That way, nobody else is hit and left on the side of the road like I was,” Shelton said.

Authorities were searching for a turquoise or teal Dodge Caravan, KCTV reported.