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A grieving man who was rushing to be with his mother in Michigan after learning of his younger sister’s sudden death received some unexpected support after being pulled over during the multi-state drive in Ohio.

Over the weekend, Mark E. Ross found out his teenage sister had died in a car crash. Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Ross hopped in a car his friend was driving in Indiana and sped toward Detroit, he said in a Facebook post.

As the car passed through Ohio, an officer pulled it over.

The driver was taken to jail in Wayne County, Michigan, and the vehicle was impounded.

Ross knew this might be more than just a traffic stop for him too — he had a petty warrant out for his arrest, which meant he too was probably going to jail, according to CNN affiliate WDTN.

As he began to tell the officer about the loss of his sister, Ross broke down crying.

That’s when one of the troopers at the scene — Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Robison — started to pray with Ross.

“He reaches over and began praying over me and my family,” Ross wrote on Facebook. “Everybody knows how much I dislike cops, but I am truly (grateful) for this guy. He gave me hope.”

Robison also did one other thing for Ross: He offered to drive him 100 miles to Wayne County to bail out the driver and get him closer to Michigan.

Ross snapped a photo of the himself with the sergeant and posted it on Facebook Sunday morning. As of Tuesday morning, it has been shared nearly 100,000 times on the social networking site.