Owner of Cabin Talks About Shocking Dorner Standoff

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SEVEN OAKS (KTLA) — The dramatic, fiery end to the manhunt for Christopher Dorner has shocked the peaceful community of Seven Oaks.

The owner of the cabin that burned to the ground, Candy Martin, spoke to KTLA over the phone.

“That cabin has been used for many things — one was a post office at one point,” Martin explained. “To see all that go up in smoke is just very sad for me.”

“But also for personal reasons, it’s a place where my family and I have been up numerous times over the past seven years. It’s a beautiful place to rest,” she added.

Compounding her loss, Martin said she lost her husband last year, and she lost her job last week.

She says her heart still goes out to the family of the deputy who was killed on Tuesday in a gun battle with Dorner.

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