A trucker convoy visiting the Bay Area sparked a fiery encounter as local residents threw eggs at passing vehicles in Oakland, KTLA sister station KRON reports.

Over the last month the “People’s Convoy,” one of several trucker convoys in the United States and Canada, was in Washington D.C. to protest against COVID-19 restrictions. As COVID-19 restrictions have begun to loosen nationwide in recent weeks, the group’s focus has transitioned into supporting conservative causes.

On Friday afternoon, the small convoy of semi-trucks, pickup trucks, minivans and other cars made its way to the home of Democratic Assemblymember Buffy Wicks to protest her support of an abortion rights bill. The convoy eventually turned onto a busy one-way street near a Safeway store and become a sitting target for protesters.

Videos posted online by Rise Images, show residents blocking streets near College Avenue in Oakland, and on one occasion, a truck driver is seen getting out of his semi-truck to confront a group of protestors throwing eggs at the convoy.