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A driver was taken into custody after a wild, hourlong pursuit that began with an alleged road-rage incident in San Gabriel and spanned multiple cities and freeways in Los Angeles County before coming to a dramatic conclusion in Cerritos on Tuesday.

A driver was taken into custody at the end of a wild chase that stretched from San Gabriel to Cerritos on April 12, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

The pursuit began on the westbound 10 Freeway at about 11:32 a.m., after the suspect was involved in an alleged act of “highway violence” against a San Gabriel Police Department patrol vehicle, according to CHP Officer Juan Galvan.

When officers tried to stop the driver, he took off, California Highway Patrol Officer Stephan Brandt said.

San Gabriel police initially pursued the driver before calling CHP to take over, according to Brandt.

From San Gabriel, the chase headed west and past downtown Los Angeles, with the suspect eventually exiting the 101 Freeway in Hollywood.

At one point, the suspect, who was driving erratically, narrowly missed hitting two pedestrians who were in a crosswalk. He also managed to recover from a PIT maneuver that a CHP SUV performed on a surface street early on in the chase, aerial video showed.

The suspect then made his way back to the 101 Freeway headed southbound for downtown.

Video from Sky5 showed law enforcement personnel following the white Nissan Rogue SUV, which was weaving in and out of the slow-moving, heavily traveled stretch of the 101 toward downtown L.A.; with traffic at a crawl, he barely missed some cars and appeared to side-swipe at least one vehicle in an aggressive effort to evade police.

Police were pursuing a white car in the San Gabriel Valley and across to downtown Los Angeles. (Credit: KTLA)

The pursuit continued through the downtown and into South Los Angeles, where the driver was able to pick up speed on the wide-open 110 Freeway as multiple law enforcement vehicles followed.

As the chase headed toward the San Pedro area, the driver exited the freeway and lead pursuing CHP vehicles through Wilmington-area surface streets. Eventually, the suspect drove back onto the 110 Freeway in Carson and headed eastbound on the 91 Freeway into the Long Beach area.

While traveling on the 91, he collided with the side of a CHP cruiser on the freeway, aerial footage showed. That didn’t deter the driver, who continued driving erratically, Sky5 footage showed.

“Each pursuit that we have we treat with extreme caution,” Galvan told KTLA when asked about the aggressiveness of the pursuit driver. “There are pursuits where they are like this unfortunately, that happen during the night and it doesn’t get attention as it does here. So, we have seen rammings, we have seen the suspects in pursuit be very aggressive in this nature.”

The chase came to an end around 12:35 p.m. when the driver lost control of the SUV as he exited the eastbound 91 Freeway at Norwalk Boulevard in Cerritos. The vehicle spun out of control and came to stop between some trees and other brush alongside the freeway off-ramp, which was close to several homes, Sky5 video showed.

The chase spanned several freeways and multiple cities. (Credit: KTLA)

The male driver appeared to exit the SUV on the rear-passenger side before he could be seen running through the brush.

The suspect was taken into custody by CHP officers and handcuffed shortly after he fled on foot, the footage showed. He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and felony evading, police later said in a statement.

He was later taken away in an ambulance, though it was unclear what type of injuries he had received.

The driver faced several potential charges, including felony evading and assault on a peace officer, Galvan said.

His name has not yet been released.

Galvan did not provide any details about the initial incident involving San Gabriel police, telling KTLA more information would be released at a later time.