‘A Good Villain’: Donald Trump Aids Latino Activists in Trying to Turn Arizona Blue


Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 12, 2016. (Credit: CNN)

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Richard Estrada, born in the United States, experienced his share of bigotry as a teen. He felt pressure not to speak Spanish. His white high school classmates in Tucson taunted him as “Rico Suave,” the name of a 1990 Spanglish hit by an Ecuadorean singer.

But that was mild compared to what he sees as institutional bigotry today facing his three young children in Arizona, the modern-day epicenter of the nation’s immigration wars.

“There’s an angst, an anxiety in the air,” he said.

So Estrada has dedicated much of his life to making the state more hospitable for his children and other people of color. The 40-year-old logs dozens of hours every week registering voters, urging them to vote in Tuesday’s state primary and convincing them whom they elect matters.

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