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One would think that after serving the American people for eight years as first lady, Michelle Obama would have earned some peace from the political spotlight with the freedom to pursue her own aspirations.

But as Joe Biden gets closer to announcing his running mate, the Committee to Draft Michelle Obama for VP made one more attempt to get the former first lady on the ticket.

“Mr. Biden must put forward the strongest ticket possible for a crushing landslide that not only unseats Mr. Trump but throws the un-American spirit of Trumpism on the ash heap of history,” the group said in an open letter, co-signed by Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr., on its website. “One that also strengthens opportunity to win down the ticket and take back the U.S. Senate. This is why we encourage Mr. Biden to formally invite Ms. Obama.”

Biden has promised to choose a woman as his running mate, and many of the potential candidates are Black women. When asked in April what his response would be if the former first lady expressed interest, Biden said he would choose her “in a heartbeat.”

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