Protestors gather outside downtown Fullerton bar at center of alleged rape case


Demonstrators demanding answers for women who claim they were drugged and sexually assaulted gathered outside a downtown Fullerton bar Saturday night.

One of the alleged victims, 22-year-old Samantha Velasquez, says what happened to her feels like a bad dream.

“The last thing I remember is when I woke up in a parking structure right near the metro link station,” Velasquez said. “I looked down and my leggings were ripped my fanny pack with all of my belongings was gone my phone was gone.“

Velasquez was at JP23 Urban Kitchen & Bar last Sunday night.  

She says she met up with a friend for drinks and only had two before her friend left later that evening. That’s when she says she accepted a third drink from a man she’d never met before.

“We assumed that I was drugged because three drinks does not get you completely blacked out,” Velasquez said.

Surveillance video provided by the bar shows Velasquez and a man dancing. Although it is not clear if he is the person who bought her the third drink.  

The surveillance footage later shows the two embracing. He even leads her by the hand out of the bar at closing time.

The two walk out of the bar and are seen on the sidewalk. Velasquez says she has no memory of any of this. 

“They performed a rape kit and found blunt force trauma and bruises all over my legs and on my back,” Velasquez said. 

The bar’s owner released a statement saying in-part: 

“We are trying to help the PD with all our resources to apprehend this criminal and this cowardly act. We have provided PD with full access to our surveillance tapes. We sympathize with the victim, and with a staff that’s a majority of women, do not condone this type of violence. We will continue to help law enforcement with this investigation.”

“When I posted my story and it went viral so many women started coming up and telling me that their story was so similar to mine,“ Velasquez said. “We don’t believe the bar wasn’t aware of it. We do believe that they are aware of it and that they need to be shut down.”

The Fullerton Police Department says they are aware of the allegations and are conducting an investigation.

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