Rockefeller Impostor Found Guilty in 1985 Murder

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28 years after John Sohus was murdered, the man who claimed he was a member of the wealthy Rockefeller family has been convicted.

The jury of 6 men and 6 women didn’t even take a full day to decide the fate Christian Gerhartsreiter.

“The jurors looked at what was reasonable and came to a just verdict,” said prosecutor Habib Balian.

“We think the jury had a problem with him,” said Gerhartsreiter’s attorneys Jeffrey Denner and Brad Bailey.

In 1985 Sohus’ mother was Gerhartsreiter’s landlady, that was back when he said he was a British aristocrat, Christopher Chichester.

Both Sohus and his wife Linda vanished.

His bones were later discovered buried in the backyard of the property  when a new owner was digging a hole to build a swimming pool.

“In a circumstantial case the jury can’t just look at one piece of evidence they have to look at all the pieces,” Balian argued.

Criminal defense attorney Alison Triessl who monitored the trial said those pieces of circumstantial evidence added up.

The victim’s half sister, Ellen Sohus said her late father suspected Gerhartsreiter murdered his son from the moment he was named a person interest in the case.

“I wanted to be here for me, he wasn’t just a nobody,” said Ellen Sohus.

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