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Dimensions: 26’H x 18’W x 55’L

Builder: Paradiso Parade Floats

This magnificent design draws inspiration from Marco Polo’s travels from Venice, Italy to China. A costumed rider portrays Marco Polo riding on the moon bridge at the front of the float. The Venetian flag, featuring St. Mark’s winged lion waves overhead. A spectacular fire-breathing dragon symbolizes the beauty and mystery of the east. In Chinese mythology, dragons are benevolent creatures that represent strength and good fortune. The dragon’s dramatic looping body would measure 175 feet long if it were straightened. The styling of the dragon intentionally blends Chinese elements with the look of European fairy tale dragons. This fusion of cultures embodies the core values of Singpoli — building bridges between east and west. Stylized clouds inspired by Chinese embroidery float over a lush garden of flowering trees.

Materials: This float showcases masterful floral design in a bold, fiery color palette. The dragon’s dramatic looping body is decorated in an innovative style with an elaborate and very unusual mosaic of orange halves, pincushion protea, Casino anthurium, Tiepolo dianthus and Calypso mokara orchids. Carefully trimmed grapefruit and tangerine rind create his leathery limbs and his talons shine with metallic silverleaf. The floating clouds are flowered with two different shades of chrysanthemums edged in crisp white coconut. Feathery sprays of giant oncidium orchids, Asiatic lilies and Italian ruscus create the flowering trees, while the gardens below overflow with lush displays of blue vanda orchids, Midori anthurium, liatris, Song of India, Cigar calathea, Green Ice calathea and Green Trick dianthus. A vivid spectrum of roses densely carpets the base of the float. Rose varieties include hot orange “Star 2000,” deep magenta “Hot Lady,” tangerine “Orange Crush” and two-tone “Circus” roses. Green cymbidium orchid florets delicately trace the perimeter of the entry.

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All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.