United Sikh Mission – Rose Parade Float

Rose Parade
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United Sikh Mission

Dimensions: 22’H x 18’W x 55’L

Float Title: Together We Rise

Float Theme
From Punjab to America, the Sikh faith teaches us that success is not measured by the accumulation of material things, but rather if we live our lives with tolerance, justice and humanity for all. The float highlights the Sikh Golden Temple and the beauty of a faith that represents the fifth largest religion in the world. While Sikh Americans have been an integral part of our nation’s fabric for 125 years many Americans still do not understand the Sikh principles of love and unconditional humanity. This float highlights the generosity and beauty of Sikhism. FLOAT DESIGN The center of the float features a large replica of “The Golden Temple” – the holiest place of worship of Sikhism, located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. The float is divided into four quadrants of color, to represent four major principles of equality, impetus to achieving collective success Red for love White for service Yellow for freedom Blue for justice. The message is further emphasized through words written in the same color scheme and riders also dressed in the same color scheme. The four corners would have white peacocks and rising floral structures. Walkers on either side of the float would carry the American & Sikh flags. Each year, the float features the American& Sikh flags to show our solidarity to Sikh way of life in our adopted motherland. “Echoes of Success” tells the story of how our character develops through selfless contribution of others. The Sikh-American float reiterates the message of equality, universal brotherhood; founded on the principles of love, service, freedom and justice; to achieve and sustain collective success.

Flowers/Materials used
Together We Rise floral coverage: white peacocks-top head/crown-white fuzzy cut everlasting, rods of white powdered rice, eyes of black onion powder and brown coffee and tan fine walnut shell, heads of white powdered rice, necks and bodies of white fuzzy cut everlasting, tails of white powdered rice, clear lunaria stems and white dendrobs. Stairs of white powdered rice, wooden bench with black onion powder. Pillars of gold clover seed, yellow dine cut strawflower, white powdered rice, light grey light lettuce seed and dark grey dark lettuce seed. Tall stemmed flowers-green ground parsley flakes, hot pink fine cut statice, centers of gold mums, yellow fine cut strawflower, backs of pink fine cut strawflower, white flower-fronts of white powdered rice, centers of elfin pink mums, purple and hot pink fine cut statice and backs of white fine ground rice. Lavender flowers, fronts and backs of purple fine cut statice, centers of white button mums with coverage of white powdered rice. Blue flowers: fronts and backs of blue fine cut statice, centerd of white button mums and coverage of white powdered rice. Sikh Golden Temple-yellow fine cut strawflower, gold clover seed, gold flax seed, gold ground flax seed, black onion powder, inside windows-black onion seed. Sculpted Roses-fronts of white, light pink and hot pink glad petals, insides and backs of pink fine cut strawflower and white fine ground rice. Sculpted Lotus Blossoms-fronts of white fine cut everlasting and powdered rice, light pink glad petals, insides of light pink fine cut strawflower, backs of white fine ground rice. Swans-eyes of white powdered rice, dark grey poppy seed and black onion powder, beaks of white powdered rice and black onion powder, orange and line orange dark ground and fine ground lentil, heads of white fuzzy cut everlasting, necks of white carnation petals, main body of white fuzzy cut everlasting, light grey light lettuce seed, medium gray ground poppy seed and dark grey poppy seed, wings of white carnation petals, white powdered rice and crème fine cut strawflower, rear tail of white carnation petals. Front floral garden: hot pink roses, green springer and pink cabbage kale. Floral arrangements-hot pink and pink hybrid delphiniums, hot pink hydrangeas, green ti leaves, green hanging amaranthus, green area on float sides, green cedar, milky way aspidistra, white and light pink larkspur, blush light pink dendrobs, white calla lilies and white phaleonopsis-floral maches continue- Light pink roses, milky way aspidistra, white hybrid delphiniums, light pink larkspur, green hanging amaranthus, green foxtail asparagus, white calla lilies, white phaleonopsis and light pink blush dendrobs. Rear floral gardens: green springer, light blue iris, dark lavender roses, blue tweedia, dark lavender roses, light blue and blue hybrid delphiniums, purple iris, light lavender roses, blue hydrangeas. White floral garden trim-green springer, white roses, white iris. Floral arrangements-green flax leaves, green ti leaves, coco stik/with powdered rice, pink and white hybrid delphiniums.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

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