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Attorneys for “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed have suggested that someone intentionally smuggled live rounds of ammunition into a box of dummy rounds before cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed.

While appearing Wednesday on multiple morning news programs, lawyer Jason Bowles floated the possibility that someone “intended to sabotage” the production by sneaking live rounds into the package of ammo Gutierrez Reed used to load the prop gun fired by star Alec Baldwin.

“Why do you place that in the box labeled ‘dummies’ that the armorer is going to be pulling from?” Bowles said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“Why would you do that other than to try to cause some incident on the set? Now, we’re not saying anybody had any intent there was going to be a tragedy — a homicide — but they wanted to do something to cause a safety incident on set. That’s what we believe happened.”

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